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On a mission

We are a London based tapas company that supplies high quality Croquetas to businesses & particulars.


"To be London's Croqueta of choice and be readily available to everyone, everywhere"


Here at Ana's Croquetas, we are on a mission to save the world one croqueta at the time. Traditionally our signature product can be made pretty much of any leftover food and that is why it has always been so popular in households around Spain. Scraps of roasted meats, broths, stews or cured meats & fish were mixed with the creamy white sauce, breaded and then fried. They were a perfect way to make a meal last longer in an inexpensive manner and we still think this is the way forward. We are all about food cycle, recycling and eliminating food waste, and we encourage you to make your own croquetas. Follow this video tutorial to know how to become part of this amazing food culture.

* Disclaimer: Since Croquetas are fried they are to be consumed in moderation in the frame of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.